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Spirit Rising | Megan Fowler | About Meditation Instructor Bio

About Me

Spirit Rising | Megan Fowler | Sun rises, potential illuminates
Spirit Rising | Megan Fowler | Mindfulness Instructor, Change-Maker, Social Transformation Activist

Megan Fowler MSW

Writer. Meditation Teacher. Change-maker.

Megan is a mindfulness and meditation teacher whose deepest passion is to help people wake up to the fullest expression of their humanity.

Megan graduated from the University of Washington with a Master's in Social Work, and is a current Ph.D. student at the University at Albany (SUNY) studying the transformative-change potential of mindfulness and mind/body practices and how they can support critical consciousness development. With a particular interest in working to dismantle oppressive social structures, she seeks to understand how mind/body practices can support liberation from  the embodied dimensions of power, oppression, and legacies of trauma.

Having sought training in mind/body integrative health the majority of her adult life, Megan has a heartfelt interest in working to alleviate all manners of suffering in the world. Megan has worked in the fields of Trauma, Addiction, Domestic Violence, and Community-Based Education and Research for the past 15 years and is a qualified MBSR teacher through the University of Massachusetts and Brown University.


With an unwavering belief that the cultivation of healing pathways and embodiment is the cornerstone for liberation, wellness and peaceable means--for individuals, communities and society--Megan continues to pursue creating accessible teachings and community based initiatives to catalyze this potential in the world.

A little about my journey...

Spirit Rising | Megan Fowler | About Meditation Teacher, Journey

Like far too many others, my early life experiences were chaotic, threatening and imposed a deep sense in my being that occupying the body was unsafe. I learned at a young age that the external appearance of things can betray the actual lived experiences underneath, and that being dis-embodied can function as an adaptive survival tactic, for a time. I also learned, quickly, this is neither a sustainable nor life-affirming way of living in the world; it is life-annihilating.


Fortunately in my own story, I had a few deeply loving, present supports in my life that helped me recognize healing was possible, stillness could be safe and nurturing, and that I was already much more whole than my perceptions might have me believe.


I began to create a deeper sense of the world through spiritual teachings that taught about the relationship between suffering, violence and healing;  critical theory that sparked a deep-seated passion for understanding how our social environments influence our health,  wellbeing, worldview, and self-identity; and immersive experiences in the natural world, which offered teachings on healing, inter-connectivity, and the significance of cultivating restorative  practices and discovering places of refuge.

These early experiences became the point of departure for my life, igniting a fervent passion to understand the preconditions and mechanisms that lead to abuse, violence, and behaviors of domination and, most importantly, catalyzed a converse commitment to understand and cultivate principles and practices of healing capable of disrupting these cycles endemic in our social world.


Discovering meditation and mind-body practices as a young adult, I began to cultivate pathways that deepened holistic healing, re-centered living from the heart, and developed a more profound sense of our inter-connectivity with, and responsibility to, the broader community of life to which we all belong.

I've come to recognize that deep relationships of trust, safety, and acceptance establish the very bases by which we can heal, grow and transform. If you are interested in connecting further, I encourage you to reach out--I'd love to connect with you.

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