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Spirit Rising | Megan Fowler - Individual Meditation coaching, help and support

Individual Instruction

One-on-One Coaching & Mentoring

Mindfulness is an innate resource and capacity that we each contain, one that can help us manage stressful life conditions, pain, illness and other difficult circumstances.  However, it also requires persistent practice and committed effort to utilize this deep reservoir of potential and therefore, to live with the myriad benefits it can introduce--for body, mind, heart and soul.


For many individuals, the key to cultivating mindfulness and/or developing a lasting meditation practice is through access to personalized instruction and support. Given that we each hold unique identities, stories and life experiences, have different learning styles and relationship preferences and varying levels of experience or exposure when it comes to mindfulness practice, individual instruction is offered in a way that is tailored uniquely to your own goals, interests and desires.

Spirit Rising | Megan Fowler | Meditation stillness, solemnity and seeing beauty

In short, this is a pathway of fellowship, discovery and collaboration. I approach each unique relationship from a person-centered and empowering framework, honoring your own wisdom, knowledge and goals and allowing for your needs and interests to direct the learning path.  With a strong commitment to cultivating safe and respectful spaces, this pathway is one of heartfelt intentions to empower your practice, your life and support your health and wellbeing.

Contact me to explore whether individual instruction makes the most sense for your interests and to discover how we might best work together to support your goals.

Spirit Rising | Megan Fowler | Journey to wakefulness, engaging life in the present moment, trusting the path

Building Your Pathway

What you'll be offered:

  • A free consultation session to explore interests, needs and learning goals

  • Curious and compassionate inquiry, feedback and instruction

  • Guided meditation instruction during sessions

  • Support exploring and working through obstacles or challenges

  • Individually tailored practice assignments to refine and deepen practice

  • A handbook of resource materials for home practice and to support your continued practice beyond our sessions

Location:  All instruction is currently available online through Zoom.  Upon registration, a unique Zoom link will be provided for our online sessions.

Cost & Registration:   In an effort to keep costs as affordable as possible, I offer a sliding scale designed so you can pay what you are able. Contact me for more information and to get started!

Spirit Rising | Megan Fowler | Mindfulness for alignment, stability and grace
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